Art classes end with a show

Rachel Gralnek, Reporter

Room 0506 was abuzz with laughter and music, people wondered with food looking at different types of art. The art show showed all of the art classes projects of the trimester from charcoal to photography, from painting to videos.

“It is a good mix of everything,” Maria McCoy ‘15 said. “All kinds of students, all kinds of mediums, and everyone gets a chance to put something in the show.”

The school has 13 different art classes that students are able to take.

“It displays the variety of courses you can take in the art department at City,” Rose Sadewasser ‘17 said.

The art show is a way to have people come to enjoy the art of students at city.

“[The art show] is when City High art students get to display their art to other students, faculty, and family and possibly get to sell it if anyone is interested,” McCoy said.

People may try to sell there are but mostly it is to show of the art that students have done this year.

“It shows people’s inner creativity,” Yara Moustafa ‘17 said. “It is like their personality on paper.”

Part of the art show is to get people interested in art and art classes.

“Art is a chance for your mind to relax and get away from standard classwork and stress.” McCoy said