City High Cafe Reopens in the Commons


Joe Britton, Reporter

The empty study space of the commons will again be filled with the sweet smells of coffee and treats.

The City High Cafe reopened this morning.

Selling coffees, teas and baked goods isn’t the cafe’s only purpose though. Profits raised by the cafe are used to help fund activities in City High’s special education classrooms and its Best Buddies chapter. Staffed by IDD students, the cafe provides a great learning space.

“It help’s to give them a great work experience that they can transfer into real world scenarios for later on in life,” said Elise Goodvin ’15, a fourth year Best Buddies member and current chapter president. “The skills learned here can go long way towards getting a job after high school,” Goodvin said.

The cafe will be open from first until third period each day.