Wacky Weblink Wednesday

All the weird stories of the web that students should know.


Sarah Smith, Rachel Fischer, and Nova Meurice

Scary Clown Trend

A trend that started in the United Kingdom is coming back to haunt California and Texas.

Bob the Builder Makeover 

A beloved cartoon from our childhood got a makeover and it’s not all good.

Kim Jong Un Reappearance 

After a unexplained disappearance of North Korea’s leader from the news, new pictures appear.

Nurse Kills Annoying Patients  

An Italian nurse has been accused of killing 38 patients because she found them or their relatives annoying.

Labradoodle survives 200 ft. fall

A volunteer team with the Oregon Humane Society rescues a dog that fell off a 200-foot cliff

Zombie Santa Claus enters stranger’s home

Man dressed as a Santa Claus zombie enters strangers’ St. Paul home, terrifies teenager

Venomous Spider Infestation 

Thousands of venomous spiders oozing from the ceiling and walls force family to abandon Missouri home

Man arrested for aggressively mopping floor

Victim was left “shaken” by mopping attack will be pressing charges

Stem cells are allowing the blind to see

18 patients receive stem cell transplants and see vision improvement

Man poses with 2,058 lb. Pumpkin

John Hawkley poses with his winning 2,058 lb. pumpkin at a contest in Half Moon Bay, California

Woman arrested for not mowing her lawn

Tennessee woman served stint in jail for overgrown lawn.

Britain Now Has An “iPub” Where You Can Serve Yourself

Man creates bar with iPads fixed to tables and costumers serve themselves.

10- year old  meets Hillary Clinton

Colorado resident Macy Friday freaks out after meeting Hillary Clinton

Man is suing hospital after waking up in pink panties

After waking up from a colonoscopy a man finds himself wearing pink panties

Teacher quits to twerk professionally 

Teacher quits job to make 6 figures on vine by twerking.

Denver candy may contain marijuana

Police warn that Halloween candy may contain some marijuana this year.

Rare Beaked Whale washes ashore

A rare sea creature washed ashore in Australia this week.