Wacky Weblink Wednesday


Sarah Smith, Nova Meurice, and Rachel Fischer

Large colony of roof rats take over a Baton Rouge ditch

Louisiana pest control ask support for battle against giant roof rats

Teen has heart attack at haunted house

16-year old girl with pre-existing medical condition had heart attack and died after entering a local haunted house.

Ellen Brennan becomes fastest flying woman in recent competition 

Ellen Brennan wins flying competition with 100mph

Woman rescued from chimney, then arrested

30-year-old is rescued then jailed after being located in family chimney when trying to break in

38 lbs. pet bobcat escapes New Jersey home

Pet bobcat Rocky is caught in ongoing legal fight because of repeated escapes from home

Welsh comedian walks sheep across London bridge

Comedian Griff Rhys Jones walks pet sheep across bridge for no reason

Man accused of stealing plumbing from several restaurants 

Police say they flushed out a man who stole handles and plumbing from Florida city parks and restaurants

 Sheepdog takes in lion cub as one of her puppies

Mom Sheepdog takes care of cub like her own pup

Woman defends store from robbery with can of bug spray

Store clerk Annabelle Miller takes matters- and a can of bug spray- into her own hands

Two 1.5-ton Massachusetts gargoyles go missing 

Gargoyles dissapear from Massachusetts church

Oregon woman finds home for all of her 24 pet bearded dragons

Salem woman says the outpouring community support has saved all of her pet bearded dragons

Man fakes coma for over 2 years

Con artist pretends to be in coma to skip court days for over 2 years

Dog found to be allergic to humans

Indianapolis black lab contracts skin problems in the company of human contact