Wacky Web Link Wednesday


Rachel Fischer and Sarah Smith

Fork Makes Food Taste Different

You put an aroma on the fork to make it taste like a different food.

New Evidence Shows King Tut Had Severe Deformities 

Tut had a club foot and other physical deformities leading to genetic analysis showing his parents may have been brother and sister.

Ebola.com sells 

Sold to the Weed Growth Fund for over $200,000

Horse Rescued from Family’s Swimming Pool

A horse in suburban Phoenix fell into a swimming pool after trying to drink

Man Decorates his House “Ebola Themed” for Halloween

Homeowner James Faulk says he just wants to make people smile and enjoy Halloween

Man Robs Gas Station, then Returns With Money and Apology

23 year-old Cyle Warren Abbott says he needed cash to leave town, then realized his mistake

Woman Accidentally Shot by McDonald’s Employee During Scuffle

McDonald’s security shot a bystander as he was trying to take control during an altercation

Ghost Town For Sale 

Johnsonville Village in Connecticut will be sold online for a starting bid of $800,000

Man on 1.4 Million Dollar Bond for Lobster Violations  

Miami man was arrested multiple times for undersized lobster tails

Feminist Attacks Wax Statue of Vladimir Putin with Stake

Topless feminist protester attacks statue with “Kill Putin” written across her chest

Giant Cat Appears on Google Maps

Giant cat drawing appears on Google Maps, Google doesn’t know how it got there