The Big Dance Preview

Who will own The Big Dance?


Another long weekend is up for show choir participants. On January 31st, a total of 14 Midwest high schools will be competing at The Big Dance at Davenport North High School. Below  are the following schools competing this weekend. Who will make finals? Who will blow the judges away? And who will flat out blow their performance? Stay tuned for results and other awards.

Bettendorf High School
Surround Sound
Central High School
Blue Vibes
Central Singers, Incorporated
Central Lee High School
Centrifugal Force
Danville High School
Vocal Chords
Fort Atkinson High School
Lexington Singers
South High Street Singers
Iowa City City High School
City Lights
4th Ave Jazz
Jefferson High School
Westside Delegation
Mount Pleasant High School
In Motion
Prairie High School
Focal Point
The Ambassadors
Wahlert High School
Wahlert Impact
Wahlert Impulse
West Branch High School
Christopher Jive and the Uptown 45
West Delaware High School
WD Forte
Western Dubuque High School
5th Avenue
Xavier High School