New Parking Spots Available to Students


Mae McDonough

New parking spots available in City High parking lot.

Mae McDonough, Pinterest Editor

As spring arrives and a new wave of underclassmen get their licenses and school permits, parking continues to be a growing problem at City High. Eight parking spots in the athletic or “jock” parking lot that have been reserved for teachers up until now will be opened for students, four at a time. Chip Hardesty campus security explains why these spots were reserved for teachers in the first place.

“They added those spots a couple years when construction was going on in the music wing so they lost a bunch of spots,” said Hardesty. “But now the construction is done. They should have added them back a while ago, they don’t need them for faculty”.

While having a few more spots for students to park is nice, it does not solve the parking problems at City High, eventually larger measures will need to be taken to help alleviate the parking situation.

“I think that has become almost intolerable, people are now parking in the contiguous neighborhood here quite a bit,” Hardesty said.