Clinton Comes to Coralville


Sonali Durham

Hillary Clinton speaks in Coralville in November on her presidential campaign.

Ayla Canin, Reporter

Hillary Clinton hosted a town meeting yesterday afternoon in Morrison Park in Coralville.

“She kind of gave a little intro and then opened up to the spectators asking questions,” Riley Lewers ‘16 said. “[I decided to go] because I wanted to know more. I’m going to be able to vote when the next election rolls around and I don’t know that much about the candidates.”

Among other things, Clinton discussed equal pay equal work, college funding, and gun control, mentioning the woman who was shot in the Coralville Mall last June.

“I was really impressed by her because she could just pull facts out of her head really easily,” Lewers said. “[The event] made me want to caucus for Hillary more, [and] solidified my opinion that Hillary has a lot of experience and  is really smart.”

The event strengthened Lewers’ support for Clinton.

“I would say for sure it made me know I was going to caucus for her and it definitely made me want to vote for her more,” said Lewers.