How to Ask Someone to the Snowball Dance

House tells you how to ask someone to the upcoming Snowball Dance.

Ok, so I’ve never really done one of these, but today, instead of Bring Down the House and talking about sports, I have House’s tips on how to ask someone to the Snowball Dance on January 23. Take notes, ladies, because here are my tips on how to ask anyone to the Snowball Dance. 

MAJOR KEYS: Don’t Procrastinate, use art (guys like art too), use food (guys like food more than art), pun, and if all else fails talk to him and ask with COURAGE!

— House

The first thing I have to say is don’t procrastinate too much. I know the dance is still two and a half weeks away, but you should really start thinking of ideas now. Procrastination is human nature, but when it comes to asking someone to the Snowball Dance, it should be avoided. Procrastinate on your homework, not on asking someone to the dance! If you wait too long, the guy you want to ask might already be going with someone else, and then that makes you disappointed, and it will be super awkward for both of you when he says he’s already going with another girl. I would recommend taking the weekend to maybe plan something out, and asking sometime at the beginning of next week, (probably next Friday, or maybe the Monday after that at the latest) so that you are less likely to run the risk of someone beating you to asking him, you can get tickets as soon as they become available on January 13, and you are less likely to run the risk of someone else beating you to asking him. What if you don’t know if he’s planning on going with someone else? You could always ask a friend of his if he is already going with someone, or even going at all. Or, you could always just ask him if he is going to the Snowball Dance or if he is going with someone else, without actually proposing that you two go together.

If you are creative and are into arts and crafts, you could do something related to that. If you are artistic, you could make a painting or drawing of you two together and then write “Will you go to the Snowball Dance?” or something like that at the bottom. If you aren’t into that, but still want to do something kind of creative and unique, you could create a photo collage of pictures of him or of you two together or something. (yes, maybe even include that ugly snapchat that he sent you at three in the morning and you ‘accidentally’ screenshotted). The downside to this is that it is a better option if you are either already dating, or have been friends for a while, otherwise you might not really be able to make it work. These are some good options, but they require probably more time and effort than anything else. If a girl did this for me, it would be nearly impossible to say no. The other advantage to this option is that it will be something unique between the two of you that no one else can replicate.

This one isn’t quite as original, but you can always ask with food. We all have seen the guys who ask a girl to homecoming or prom with a pizza or cookies or what not. Guys like food, and if you can do something creative with that, it’s a great option. The one disadvantage is that it is a lot harder to spell out “Snowball?” with food than it is “HC?” or “Prom?”

Another option is to use a poster with a wintery pun on it. If you have a class with him, or run into him at his locker. Either way, walk up holding your poster board with a joke or a pun or something on it, and you’ll probably get a smile and a yes. You also could do something with sticky notes. Just spell out “snowball?” on his locker, car, etc. You could get one of your friends, or one of his friends to help you. You could even get creative and use multicolored sticky notes 🙂 !

The final option I’m going to recommend is just simply strike up a conversation and ask if he wants to go to the Snowball Dance with you. This really doesn’t take any extra time, but it does take a lot of courage. Either way, it’s simple, and is unlikely to fail if you simply ask in a cute, genuine way.

Final words of advice, I wouldn’t recommend asking over text or Snapchat or anything like that. It is quick and easy, but it kind of shows laziness on your part, and isn’t all that impressive. Even if you are already dating, there are other options that are There are so many other ways that aren’t all that hard to do, and show effort. Honestly, if you can do something cute and creative, and he isn’t already going with someone else, you have a pretty decent shot of getting a yes. Keep in mind, even if you do get a no, remain confident, as there are other guys out there who I’m sure would enjoy going with you. You can always ask someone else if the first guy says no.