Snowball Fashion Dos and Don’ts


Max Gruber and Lily O'Brien

For the Girls:

Winter calls for simple, earthy tones. When choosing an ensemble, stick to natural tones such as black, grey, or nude. It’ll be cold outside but warm at the dance so make sure your outfit accommodates both climates, don’t be afraid to try a long sleeve dress or tights! Booties are a great way to keep your feet warm while still maintaining chic style. When choosing makeup, keep it simple with light pinks or make it dramatic with smoky eyes. Avoid neon colors and leave the feathers at home. Simplicity is key for this formal and allows you to focus on more important things like having a good time.  


For the Guys:

Stick to simple, neutrally colored pieces. Try to avoid neon or bright colors especially in regard to the tie. Both bowties and regular ties work well, but make sure you give yourself time to tie the bowtie correctly. Avoid black shirts with black pants, the shirt should be lighter than the tie you wear. For tie length, tie the knot so the tie ends at your belt. Don’t worry too much about matching with your date, as long as you have a simple, cohesive outfit you should blend with most dresses.