United Action for Youth Helps Students Find Jobs


Bella Pittman

UAY staff member assists two City High students to find jobs.

Bella Pittman and Gabe Weigel

Every Tuesday during Little Hawk Advisory, United Action for Youth will join with students who are in need of a job. Some have already taken advantage of the new program and applied to jobs such as Panera, Lucky Paws, and Hy-vee.

“Our purpose for meeting students at City High is to help them search and apply for jobs,” AmeriCorps Staff Member Ashley Lindley said. “We can help a student with everything from building a resume to practicing interview skills.”

United Action for Youth, or UAY, believes that it is important to empower teens. Obtaining a job in high school can help build resume for college and/or a future career.

“At UAY we are dedicated to helping teens achieve their goals. Sometimes finding your first job can be intimidating and we want to be able to help people by giving them the skills they need for success,”

— Jamie Ellis

Youth Development Specialist Jamie Ellis said.

The meetings lead students to pick out certain jobs they are interested in with a little help. Students will be able to schedule interviews, receive professional advice, and develop resumes.

“We have an updated job list that we bring for jobs that will hire teens. We have resume templates and how to tips, the dos and don’ts for interviews, phone and email etiquette, access to interview clothing, and tips on how to get and keep a job for making a professional resume,” Ellis said.

To help students find jobs, there are a series of steps that need to take place. Such as deciding the field the student would like to work in, and then find a match with the criteria. Then, the student and the student’s counselor figures out how to contact the potential employer. Therefore, etiquette is essential.

We go over phone and email etiquette so you are prepared to call or to receive a call from an employer. We also do mock interviews and phone calls to calm nerves and ensure success.” Ellis said.

The part about this is that anyone can use this program. There are no requirements to attend any of the UAY meetings.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your first job or your fifth,” Lindley said. “UAY can help develop a resume that reflects you personally – your skills, experience, and activities can all be laid out nicely for an employer to review.”

Nevertheless, Tuesday’s during Little Hawk Advisory UAY will meet with students in the Welcome Center in the Main Foyer. For further questions or concerns contact info is listed below.

UAY youth center is located at 355 Iowa Avenue. Downtown Iowa City