Bernie Student Supporters set up Lunchroom Table


Claire Noack

Ailsa Burke ’17 signs up to volunteer for Senator Sanders’ campaign.

Claire Noack

Surrounded by t-shirts, bumper stickers, and brochures all emblazoned with “Bernie” in blue letters, Maya Durham ’19 sat at a table near the entrance of the lunchroom hoping to convince fellow students to caucus and volunteer for Senator Bernie Sanders.

“I really like his policies on higher education, I think that higher education should be accessible even to those with lower incomes,” Durham said. “I really agree with his healthcare reforms because I think that people should be able to get health care whether or not they work for a corporation that provides it, and I agree with his stances on women’s rights.”

If students committed to caucus for Sanders they were given a free tshirt, and there were signup sheets for volunteering and canvassing on his behalf.

“I agree with Bernie’s policies and it looks good on college apps to volunteer,” Durham said.

More information about how to caucus for both the Republican and Democratic Caucuses can be found here and here.