ICCI Collects Sanitary Product for Women’s Shelter


Following the recent public uproar of the Pink Tax, an uncovered phenomenon of the additional price added to women’s products, both men and women are becoming more aware of the unbalanced price tag. More specifically, many new founded organizations have researched into the amount of money paid on women’s sanitary products, pads and tampons, over a lifetime. Not including panty liners, pain medication, or additional underwear, this total approximately comes to a total of $5,800. For many low income or homeless women this is an unattainable amount, a problem that Iowa City Community Involvement (ICCI) Youth group hopes to combat in the next week.

“It is sadly surprising how forgotten necessary items such as tampons and pads are,” Lucy Wagner, ICCI co-founder said. “We take these items for granted, when some women do not have the luxury of staying clean.”

Starting on Monday, April the 18th, there will be a donation box posted in the front office of the school to collect products including pads, tampons, shampoo and soap for the Green Hill Women’s Shelter.

“Students should donate to help out members of the community as well as peers that might not be recognized as needing assistance,” Wagner said.