Nobel Laureate and ‘66 Alumni Thomas Cech Revisits City High


Molly Liu

Cech, a City High graduate, speaks to a combined City, West, and Regina audience.

Victor Kalil, Reporter

One would think a Nobel Laureate would remember where they place their medals, but this is not the case for Thomas Cech, a City High class of 1966 Alumni and Nobel Prize winner.  Laughter filled the Opstad Auditorium this past Thursday as Cech spoke to City, West, and Regina students who asked him questions and learned about his research in the field of genetics.

“I think [genetic engineering] is exciting, and I think it continues to be exciting,” Cech said.

Cech voiced the importance of his father’s influence in his life during the beginning of the talk, but the students found most of their enjoyment during the long Q&A section. Questions ranged from what high school classes he enjoyed most to his beliefs regarding religion to what research he did to win his Nobel Prize. Dr. Cech wrapped up his time spent back at City with his philosophical beliefs about humanity.

“I believe that what makes us human is the drive towards working together to make a better world,” Cech said. “I try to participate in that whenever I get a chance.”