Tampon Tuesday Donation Dump


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Genevieve Wisdom, Reporter

After two Tampon Tuesday events, Girl Scout Troop 8131 is ready to donate their proceeds to the Crisis Center of Johnson County. Tampon Tuesday, a nationwide organization started in Chicago by a current high school senior, has had tremendous success. The first City High bake sale sold out only eight minutes after school ended. After two months, the organization made $13, 355 pads, and over 700 tampons. All of the money made will soon be sent to the organization Afripads, but in the meantime all the tampons and pads will be donated to women in need at the Crisis Center.

“I’m thrilled,” says troop leader Robyn Calhoun. “As much for the raised awareness as for the stuff we got to donate. It’s so important to remove the stigma about menstruation, especially at school, where girls have too long felt embarrasses or ashamed about it.”

The Crisis Center of Johnson County is a volunteer program whose mission is to provide support to anyone facing a crisis of any kind.  They’ve launched a school food pantry at Elizabeth Tate High School, organized an Out of the Darkness walk in support of those who lost a loved one to suicide, among many other incredible projects.

Anyone at City High can help support this cause by participating in the monthly events, which will always cost either one dollar or one pad/tampon. “Nothing made me happier than seeing kids of all genders proudly holding up their feminine hygiene products and saying ‘Here’s my tampon!'” says Calhoun. You can catch Tampon Tuesday the first Tuesday of every month, so make sure to bring your money or tampons! For more information, or to get involved, contact seniors Hannah Murray, Elise Heck, Elisa Swanson, Eleanor Mildenstein, and Genevieve Wisdom, or junior Elizabeth Tornblom.