360 Entertainment: The Future of Media?

Victor Kalil, Reporter

Is virtual reality the future of entertainment?

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360 degrees. The world to the left, to the right, above, and below. Our reality. Now, due to recent technological advancements, we have virtual reality. It is a breakthrough to making and experiencing our own worlds, whether you are watching Netflix with no distractions, seeing a movie through the point of view of a certain character, playing a game in first person, or seeing 360 pictures and videos your family took on a trip.

How does this new technology work?

The virtual reality headsets have three main parts, the glass between your eyes and the screen, the mechanism that holds the headset, an something that keeps it attached to or near your head. The catalyst to the view you get in VR are the pieces of glass, which are positioned to move like your eyes and warp the images on your phone for your eyes.

This technology is relatively new, with some of the better headsets, such as the Samsung VR, released less than a year ago. But even though this technology is new, VR’s possibilities are nearly endless. VR games, videos, and other experiences, have already taken off by developers who believe that 360 entertainment will surpass other forms of entertainment in usage.

What are its uses? Games in first person, binge watching Netflix in your own little theater, or even viewing popular events and shows – not even in front row seats, but sitting practically on the stage.

One of the newer faces in the VR business, Playstation, has created controllers for your hands and motion sensors in two opposing corners that will sense your location and movements to create an even more realistic experience.

Several students tried VR through several experiences – floating through a Marvel fight, a roller coaster, Invasion (an award winning cartoon short where a bunny tricks some cute little aliens into leaving our world alone), and a popular mobile game, Temple Run, through a first-person view.

VR is quite literally a realm of possibilities that some say will play a big role in the future of entertainment.