Student Questionnaire: Which candidate are you voting for and why?

The Little Hawk conducted two anonymous surveys to discover just why City High students support a particular major political candidate.

Lucia Wagner, Executive Web Editor

Hillary Clinton:

“She’s an experienced politician with minor scandals while Trump is a horrible racist with mountains of controversy.”

“She has experience nationally and internationally and knows how to get things done.”

“She represents an individual who cares about the social issues present in America over the economy.”

“She’s calm and collected in the debates and conducts herself in a political manner which is precisely how a president should act. She doesn’t sink to levels of name calling but instead counters with real world facts to support claims.”

“She is intelligent and knows how to remain level-headed and doesn’t lie.”

“In terms of actual skill level on a debate stage, Hillary wins hands down.”


Donald Trump:

“We need something different and I think he will run the country like a business and that is what it needs to be.”

“Clinton only cares about gaining the status she would receive if elected as first female president, but she won’t actually execute any of the tasks on her political agenda.”

“I’m voting for him because in my eyes Clinton is a corrupt, money-oriented, sleazy liar who doesn’t care about our country or its inhabitants.”

“I believe Donald Trump performs better in debates.”

“Donald Trump answers what the American people as a whole want to hear. By that I don’t mean a false promise. Or a false hope. Trump addresses the answers.”

“Trump’s “policy” proposals are very easy to understand for a generally stupid American electorate.”

“He sounds more genuine than robotic Hillary.”