Poetry in Action Comes to City High School


Genevieve Wisdom, Reporter

Poetry In Action has come to work with City High students for the third year in a row. This organization, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, is dedicated to teaching students the art of performing poetry.

Local poet and Poetry in Action staff member Anna Lewinmeister partnered with English Department teachers Ms. Brinkmeyer, Ms. Basile, Ms. Hill, and Ms. Sotillo to get their students involved. “I really like the idea of an authentic way to engage in poetry,” said Brinkmeyer. “I like the idea of learning and getting involved in just one poem.” Students in their classes have been working on memorizing poems and got to workshop them today with Lewinmeister.

City High students have often been successful at Poetry In Action competitions. Last March, Samba Traore ’19 placed second, and Binnie McKillip represented City High at the state competition in April 2015.

Ms. Brinkmeyer thinks poetry and performanc can be a powerful thing. “There were times where I was so happy or so sad that the only thing that bubbled up inside me was a poem I had memorized,” she said.

The competition isn’t only for people who are used to performing. Anyone can get involved, whether they have experience or not. “Students often think, ‘there’s no way I can do that,’ and then afterwords, they say, ‘I can’t believe I did that!'” said Brinkmeyer. “It’s like thrill seeking in English class!”

For more information on Poetry In Action, contact Ms. Brinkmeyer, or any of the other teachers listed above.