Rec League Basketball Takes Center Stage

Jim Geerdes, Sports Editor

Recently, the hallways of City High have been slightly louder. The usual dull chatter of underclassmen is being accompanied with the annual trash talk brought forth by the recreational basketball season.

Six City High teams and two Tate teams are competing for the coveted championship medals. Family and friends are put on the back burner as the players turn to more pressing matters: becoming slightly above average.

“We’ve been doing nothing,” Jim McMillan ‘17 explained. “We’re men and we have a great chance of winning.”

This year, the league has migrated to the East, from the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center, to the recently built Alexander Elementary Gym. The new venue offers more parking and cleaner facilities. Games have also been moved from Monday nights to Wednesday nights at 5 and 6 p.m.

Last year’s winners, H1&1, have all graduated, allowing new teams a chance to take the title. Contenders such as Tune Squad, captained by veteran player Isaac Buatti, and The Ball Busters both have solid odds of winning the league. Last year’s last place finishers, The Cross Boys, have changed their name to Friendly Dads in an attempt to change their outcome.

“We hope for a win that does not come by forfeit,” McMillan, who was a member of the Cross Boys and a current Friendly Dad, said.

The Cross Boys tallied one win last year, due to a Tate Warriors forfeit.

Junior teams include Eskimo Bros and Money Shots. Senior teams are headlined by Tune Squad, The Ball Busters, 240 Goats, and Friendly Dads.

Players to watch this season include John Clark (Money Shots), Michael Berg (Friendly Dads), Anthony Foster (240 Goats), Dylan Deshler (Ball Busters), Bryce Frantz (Tune Squad), and Cameron Chavez (Eskimo Bros).