Students Against Hate and Discrimination Meet with School Board


Madeline Deninger

West High students listen to a member of the school board.

Madeline Deninger, Copy Editor

Students Against Hate and Discrimination, a club consisting of City and West High students working toward fighting discrimination in the community, met Monday night with school board members to discuss the list of demands the group presented to the board following the election in November. One of these demands included a new policy to emphasize the district’s stance on bullying and harassment, which was implemented last month.

“I think it’s really important that the school district show a commitment to students who are [being bullied],” Mariam Keita ’20, a member of the group, said. 

Another demand discussed at last night’s meeting was the introduction of an ethnic studies class into the district’s curriculum.

“This will prepare us on how to function in society, how to connect with other people, how to live in a world outside of school. I feel like it’s incredibly important,” West High junior Lujayn Hamad said. 

Board members voiced their support of such a class, but it is undecided how or when the course will be implemented as of now. Students Against Hate and Discrimination will follow up with the board on February 4th at the board meeting.