Student Senate Election Rules Spark Twitter Debate and Decision from Principal Bacon


LH Staff

Art by Estie Dillard.

In the past few weeks on Twitter, users have been posting aggressive messages about the senior class election. Hashtags such as ‘#draintheswamp’ and ‘#lockherup’ have been used to antagonize one of the students running for vice president—Samantha Titus ‘18.

Patrick McMillan ‘18 has not tweeted with these hashtags in his campaign, but an anonymous Twitter account and other social media accounts have entered into the debate over whether McMillan should be able to run for vice president. McMillan does not condone these Twitter attacks.

“As long as people know that the tweets are satirical, I think they can helpful to a certain degree. However, when it comes to direct attacks on opponents with phrases like ‘#lockherup’, that is where I draw the line,” McMillan said. “There should be absolutely no personal attacks on fellow students running.”

Principal Bacon will be at the next Student Senate meeting on Wednesday, March 29th, to deliver the verdict on whether McMillan will be allowed to run.