City High Mock Trial Places 7th at State


Peter Persaud

2017 City High mock trial team

Hundreds of people filled the seats of the overcrowded auditorium, nervously awaiting for the start of the awards ceremony for the 2017 Iowa High School Mock Trial State Tournament.

It was City High’s second time attending the competition, and the first year that they would be bringing a trophy home with them.

We succeeded really well. Mr. Schumann and I both thought a top ten finish would have been great, and we finished 7th, which was amazing,” Chip Hardesty, a coach for the team, said.

Participants ran through a case they had been given in mid-December, with the Plaintiff, Cobra Kai, bringing a case of securities fraud against Danni Russo, the defendant. Contestants competed in three rounds. Placements were decided by both the number of rounds the contestants won and the average point score from these rounds.

“Watching the home schoolers cry after they lost was personally the most amusing part of the entire event,” Max Meyer ‘18, a lawyer for the City High team, said.

Meyer ’18, Zoe Hopewell ’18, Kawther Rouabhi ’18, Edie Knoop ’18, and Jessica Sheffield ’18 all competed as lawyers for City. Witnesses were portrayed by Gabriel McCormick ’18, Gabe Gibbens ’17, Serena Collins ’18, Maya Durham ’19, Jessica Sheffield ’18, and Rasmus Schlutter ’17.
Coaches Chip Hardesty, Lisa Williams, and Jason Schumman all have big plans for next year.

“We think that next year WE will win the state title,” Hardesty said.