Q&A with Offensive Specialists

Key offensive members of the Little Hawk football squad, Bryce Hunger ’18, Zach Jones ’18, and Davontae Foster ’18, answered our questions about their life and football.


Liam McComas, Reporter

Q: What are your main motivations for playing football?

BH: “Winning for sure.”
ZJ: “To pursue a free education for college.”
DF: “To have fun.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about football?

BH: “Hurting people.”
ZJ: “Hitting people, making big plays, looking good, and making the family proud.”
DF: “The competitive nature.”

Q: What have been your major highlights/achievements in football?

BH: “Winning the boot last year, that was raw.”
ZJ: “Keeping the boot last year 2016-17.”
DF: “Trying to win the boot.”

Q: What are your long-range goals for football?

BH: “Make it to the league.”
ZJ: “I wanna make it to the league, to the NFL.”
DF: “To win a national championship.”

Q: What are some of your short-term goals?

BH: “Win the boot.”
ZJ: “Have career receptions and receiving yards records, and season receiving and reception record.”
DF: “To win a state championship.”

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals?

BH: “Just listen to music and not talk to people.”
ZJ: “Turn up to music you feel me, focus in on the game. Chief keef, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi.”
DF: “I just try to get as hype as I can, listen to music to get hype and get pumped.”

Q: Do you look up to anyone or try to emulate anyone when you put on the helmet and pads?

BH: “Not really.”
ZJ: “Myself gotta be creative, but I look up to my brother, Tony Perry, Jasper Washington couple alumni, and also Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham jr.”
DF: “I look up to Joe Wilcox he played every position and was very versatile.”

Q: Ideal post-game meal?

BH: “Panchero’s”
ZJ: “Ribeye steak, mashed potatoes with the bacon on top and the cheese, and some chocolate milk.
DF: “Shrimp alfredo.”

Q: Do you ever get tired of playing or putting all the time that you do into football?

BH: “At practice, yes.”
ZJ: “AHHHH no.”
DF: “No, but I get tired of practice.”

Q: What does your ideal day consist of?

BH: “Play video games and hang out with friends.”
ZJ: “Chillin, hanging out, not doing any type of running jogging none of that. So playing video games.”
DF: “Rest and ice, that’s it.”