A Freshman’s Guide to Homecoming


Information about the upcoming 2015 Homecoming Dance

Olivia Lusala, Reporter

Sometimes school events such as Homecoming can spark a bit of anxiety in students, especially in our younger class at City. No need to fear, The Little Hawk is here! We totally understand the ins and outs of Homecoming. Homecoming is a special night, and there is no reason to put any added pressure on yourself. Homecoming is about feeling cute and comfortable and having a good time! With these few valuable tips in preparation for Homecoming dance, we hope to make your Homecoming stress free and fun and filled.

Take care of your skin!

Having a clear face is huge confidence booster, make sure to wash and moisturize your face before putting on any makeup, as this will help to get the best looking results. For even better results exfoliate twice each week leading up to homecoming to be sure to achieve soft, smooth skin for homecoming!

Say no to the salon.

Homecoming doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars to look great. Save the money and have your friends over, have everyone bring nail polish and pick colors that complement your dress. Sally Hansen’s gel nail polish line is sure to give you long lasting gorgeous nails and you can find it at the drugstore! Have a friend who’s good at hair do it for you instead of going to the hair salon. Your hair will most likely get messed up on the dance floor anyway.

Break out the dancing shoes!

Make sure you have comfortable shoes to dance in, you certainly don’t want to be miserable all night or have to take off your shoes on the dance floor. Not fun! Test out your shoes and break them in before the dance.

Find a dress you love.

Shop early and don’t wait until the last minute to get that dress, because the dress racks will be drier than the Sahara. Have some ideas in mind of what you want before you go shopping. This will cut your shopping time in half. Take inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and look for comfort along with style. Also be careful choosing strapless–make sure that it fits your frame or you’ll be adjusting your dress all night.

Date or no date, just have fun.

Don’t have a date? Go with your friends instead, then you don’t have to worry about awkward conversation or sweaty palms! Date or no date, it will be fun either way!

Enjoy it!

Your first Homecoming will always be your most memorable because it’s a new experience. Make the most of it and take lots of pictures! Every freshman looks forward to their first high school Homecoming experience and wants to make it as magical and memorable as possible. Although Homecoming is super exciting, remember not to do too much.