Flappy Bird No Longer Available Due To IOS 11


LH Staff

Art by Estie Dillard.

The popular game, Flappy Bird, will no longer be playable due to the most recent Apple software update, IOS 11.

Dong Nguyen, creator of the game, spoke out about his decision to end the app’s availability. He commented on Facebook saying “My responsibility of supporting this app was finished since 2014”. 

“It was a good way to waste time. A pretty fun game overall” Olivia Lusala ’18 said.

Nguyen followed up his comment when asked what he was doing next. He said “This is just my announcement for the current event”.

Other apps that are no longer playable due to IOS 11 include: Pitfall, YouTube Capture, Jenga, Call Of Duty: Zombies and Infinity Blade.