Powderpuff Recap 2017

Teammates Madeline Pugh ’19 and Naomi Meurice ’19 celebrate a touchdown

Olivia Baird, Liam McComas, and Gabe Baird

Weeks of play-learning, nickname choosing, ball catching, and smack talking all came down to one night: six teams made up of junior and senior girls all fighting for one thing. In the end, Grab That Pass came out as the victors of the 5th Annual Powderpuff Football game.

“[Winning it all] felt great, especially coming off of the disappointing year last year when we didn’t get what we wanted. We trained all year and very vigorously for the past two weeks so we could get what we wanted tonight, and we came here and did that,” Addy Smith ‘18, wide receiver for Grab That Pass, said after winning the championship game.

Grab That Pass was one one of two senior teams to get a first-round bye. For their first game they played the junior team Vicious and Delicious and pulled away early in the second half to nab the 16-6 win. Quarterback Nia Washington ‘18 threw for 86 yards and connected with Shevonna Norris ‘18 and Addy Smith ‘18 for two touchdown passes. Grab That Pass went on to defeat Back That Pass Up in the championship.

“From the get go I had a little bit of doubt because [my players] weren’t trying to listen but as soon as we came together and we had to face adversity I didn’t have many doubts,” Zach Jones ‘18, Grab That Pass Coach and Wide Receiver for the Varsity football team, said.

Coach Jones acknowledges preparation as the reason behind his team’s success.

“Hard work, grinding, and the best strength and conditioning coach in the league, Marcelo. He got them ready for the game plan and they executed,” Jones said.

Vicious and Delicious picked off Wide Open in the first round thanks to Naomi Meurice’s Quarterback scrambles and repeated connections with Ellie Evans ‘19 in the red zone. Coach Liam McComas recognized the importance of distributing the ball more evenly amongst his players in order to give his team a better chance of advancing past the next round.

”We went into the second round game knowing that the team that we were facing had a bye game, so they had fresh legs. We knew that we would have to have one of the best games for everybody, not just Naomi. Everybody had to contribute to get the win,” McComas said.

Although his team lost, McComas remains hopeful for his team’s chance of winning next year.

”We scheduled a couple practices and [my team] went when they could. But, next year, we’re going to make it a key point to come to every practice.”