Interact Club Starts Off The Year With Fresh Leadership


Sylvia Gidal

Interact Club Members fill out interest survey.

Sylvia Gidal, Reporter

Volunteering and helping the people of Iowa City is what Interact club is all about. Every Thursday morning at 8:20 in room 3106, this group meets to talk about volunteering opportunities in the community. They work with groups such as Habitat for Humanity, Helping Hands and Iowa City ReStore. Members of the club use this as an opportunity to earn silver cord hours and to enjoy the experience of volunteering. Interact Club member Grace Parrott ‘20 appreciates Interact’s  opportunities.

“I know there is opportunities all over but sometimes you go and it turns out they don’t need you so you don’t feel like you’re making as big of an impact as you could be. But with Interact, the places they suggest have actually contacted City High saying that they would like high school students so you know that you’re not wasting your or other people’s time.” Parrott said.

Volunteering also can offer good memories along with earning the silver cord hours.

“You can volunteer with your friends which is fun. You can get connections like jobs. I like volunteering because you earn silver cord hours and it’s a great way to give back to the community.”

The presidents of Interact this year are looking to improve the club by working to make more volunteering opportunities for students in areas that they are interested in. One president, Teagan Roeder ‘18, is looking forward to these changes in Interact this year.

“Me and Addy have been working toward trying to pair people up based on their interests. I am excited to give opportunities to students and to give back to the community.” Roeder ‘18 said.

Interact members will have many different volunteering opportunities. Whether the programs are at City High or not, the club’s purpose remains to help the Iowa City community.