Q&A With Cole Milder ’18: Dance Marathon Chair


Cole Milder '18

Orson Codd, Reporter

The Little Hawk was able to catch up with Cole Milder ’18, a chair of the City High Dance Marathon club. Milder ’18 talks about his inspiration, the dance marathon, and the morale dance.

LH: What do you do?

CM: I am one of the four chairs. I basically organize the actual dance and put everything together.

LH: What drew you to Dance Marathon?

CM: My cousin did Dance Marathon when she was at Iowa. In my junior year, there was no ambassador chair. So I decided I would try to get that position.

LH: What has the club done to raise money?

CM: We set up times at Shorts Burgers to raise money. We are also selling shirts and light bulbs because our theme this year is ‘Neon’. We will also be doing the UIDM morale dance at the pep assembly on December 8th.

LH: What is it like learning the morale dance?

CM: Its fun, but difficult because we only learn a bit of the dance in a short amount of time in small portions.

LH: How has Dance Marathon affected the school?

CM: We are trying to help with the UI dance. People come to the dance because it is a good cause in the first place.

LH: Are there any upcoming events CHSDM is doing?

CM: We are currently trying to organize more events. Beatrice Kearns ’18 is getting in contact with local businesses. Also, the UIDM students said they would help us with whatever we need.

LH: What are three words you would use to describe Dance Marathon?

CM: For the kids.

The City High School Dance Marathon dance will be held on January 20th, 2018 from 8pm-11pm.