Feminist Club Hosts Tampon Tuesday


Olivia Lusala

Art by Olivia Lusala

Rika Yahashiri and Emme Perencevich

As the final bell rings, students pour out of their classrooms into the main foyer. They are greeted by a table filled with baked goods and they crowd around trying to snatch some of the last ones. In the middle of the table is a large cardboard box full of tampons and pads. The members of Feminism Club smile as the stack grows higher and higher.

Tampon Tuesday is a fundraiser for money and feminine products to donate to people who can’t afford to purchase them themselves. It was started by Girl Scouts that attended City High. This year it was restarted by Feminism Club.

Lucy Rohlman ‘19 runs Feminism Club every Wednesday after school and also organizes Tampon Tuesday.

“I was really happy. I was also surprised. I was worried a lot of people wouldn’t know about it, or like wouldn’t be aware that is was a thing,” Rohlman said about this year’s first Tampon Tuesday. “But then as more people saw this table and saw like, people coming up, more people came over, and it was, it went really well.”

“We decided that this was a really helpful thing, a lot of people enjoyed it, and it was for a good cause, so we wanted to bring it back,” Rohlman said. “It’s just a good thing to do, because imagining a world without [sanitary products] would be not very fun.”

Two club members, Kate Malkusak ‘18 and Maria Buri ‘20 agreed.

“I was super excited about the turnout for Tampon Tuesday,” Malkusak said. “It was a lot more than expected, which is always great.”

The members of Feminism Club collected $76.50, 175 tampons, and 95 pads. They will be donating the money to an organization called ‘Days for Girls’, which helps girls who have to drop out of school because of their period. They also will be donating the tampons and pads to a local women’s shelter.

“I’m really happy about it,” Buri said. “We’re all working together to do something good.”