Featured Talent: Ian Allen


Ian Allen

Reese Hill, Reporter

Locally known for his vibrant singing chops and savvy makeup skills, Ian Allen ‘21 is making a name for himself at City High as a multi-talented star.  With a flashing personality and an exuberant smile, Allen steals the spotlight whenever he crosses the stage.

“I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing,” Allen said.

Inducted into City’s 4th Avenue Jazz Company varsity show choir as a freshman, Allen dedicates his time to expanding his vocal and theatrical talents and doing what he loves.  While he has always considered himself a singer, he is newer to the drama category.  Over the summer, Allen starred in Nolte Academy’s production of the musical “James and the Giant Peach,” in which he played the titular character.

“[Theater] is a new experience to me but I have met so many genuine people through theater and I’ll always love it,” Allen said. “I love learning new techniques for my acting and singing.  The wonderful directors I have worked with have shaped me into the person and performer I am today.”

Allen’s musical talent isn’t the only thing setting him apart from the crowd.  Occasionally, Allen arrives at school with a full face of makeup.  His bright highlight and blended eyeshadow cause anyone to double-take his unique artistry.

“I became interested in makeup last year when I saw men on YouTube putting on a full face,” Allen said.  Allen reported he is heavily influenced by RuPaul (drag queen, actor, singer, model, and author), whom he admires and identifies with. “Makeup has helped me become a more expressive person and has made me more comfortable in my own skin.”

Knowledgeable in the realm of arts, he provides advice to anyone interested in similar passions to get started right away.

“I would recommend that anyone going into singing get their name out as much as they possibly can,” Allen said. “Start a YouTube, audition for solos, join a band.  All of these things can help expand your opportunities.  As for makeup, watch tutorials, explore with lesser known brands, save your money at first, and find dupes [cheaper, similar quality makeup].  This will help you get better at makeup and getting to know your face.”

Allen sees himself attending a college for musical theater.  For now, he studies makeup tutorials, auditions for new theater performances, rehearses for the school musical, and trains his voice – developing his talents, personality, and relationship with the community.

“…[Singing and makeup] have shaped who I am today and I will continue to explore with who I am as a person because of [them],” Allen said.