Student Senate Recap: Mentoring Program, Club Grants Proposed


Olivia Lusala

Invested in the workings of City High’s very own bureaucracy? You’ve come to the right place.

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Web & Copy Editor

The student senate meeting on Wednesday, October 31 began with discussion of a series of talks on future careers for students.

“There are a lot of students at the University of Iowa who are doing really cool things that people here don’t know about,” Vice President Naomi Meurice ’19 said.

President Lottie Gidal ’19 and Meurice opened up discussion to anyone who might have an idea about changes or new programs. Ideas included giving club grants earlier in the year and creating a student-on-student mentoring program.

As of now, the senate is still planning winter projects.

“We’ve got Powderpuff volleyball, we’ve got the Can Drive and the Snowball,” Meurice said. “None of these are really pressing, but they’re all coming up.”

The senate split into committees.

The student senate meets every Wednesday in room 3311 at 8:15 am. To learn more, attend meetings, which are open to all students, or contact Steve Tygrett, the primary faculty adviser.