CITY VS. WEST: What You Need To Know

Lottie Gidal

Max Firmstone and Aubrey Joens, Journalist

After the dramatic City v. West showdown in the state tournament last year, both girls and boys teams will have a chance at a rematch this Friday night at City High, and the stakes are high, both teams are undefeated this season so far. West and City anticipate this event all year and both will be ready for a fight. The student section for both sides will be packed creating that famous cross town rivalry, with the chants and jabs at the opponents team. The theme for tonight is beach vacation.

“I’m looking forward to the big crowds energy and the chance to get a win,” Shooting guard Ry Threlkeld-Weigand said.

The City High boys are averaging 65.5 points per game and West High is averaging 68 points per game, which points to a very close game tonight

“We have to shut down their big guys and just play our game,” Threlkeld Weigand said.

The girls team is looking to maintain the momentum of a strong season so far, despite having graduated some start players from last year.

“I think we have a different perspective this year, both teams lost people and were looking to build off last year.” Point guard Rose Nkumu ‘20 said.

Players to watch for the girls:

Aubrey Joens 20’- three point specialist/leading scorer

Joens is averaging 27.5 points and is shooting 9 for 16 on three pointers

Rose Nkumu 20’- point guard/attacker

Nkumu is averaging 22.5 points and is shooting 61 percent from the field

Paige Rocca 20’- three point specialist

Rocca is averaging 10.5 Points and is leading the team in assists

Players to watch for the boys:

Antonio Turner 19’- leading scorer/point guard/attacker

Turner is averaging 21 points a game and has made 7 threes this season

Carter Westlake 19’- three point specialist

Westlake is averaging 9.5 points this season and is shooting 54.5 percent from the field.

Ry Threlkeld- Weigand 19’- three point specialist

Threlkeld-Weigand is averaging 5 points this season and has 10 rebounds