2020 Orchestra Trip Set to Go to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic


Members of the City High Symphony Orchestra pose on their 2018 Europe trip.

Ruth Meehan, Reporter

The long awaited announcement has finally come. During the spring break of next year, the orchestra will be going to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The orchestra consisting of juniors and seniors will get the chance to perform in cathedrals, see the birth places and graves of some of the most influential classical composers of all time, get to know each other, and make music together.

Megan Stucky, the orchestra director, says that she loves to see how the students grow during their time on the trip.

“Students that go [on the orchestra trip] that have maybe never spoken to another student in orchestra can come back and be lifelong friends,” Stucky said.

Oriana Ross ‘19 has been on one trip with the City High orchestra to Italy.

“I think my biggest takeaway would be that no matter how different we all were, we came together. From all different social groups,” Ross said.

This trip is open to all upcoming juniors or seniors in orchestra.