IJAG Dance Postponed

Millie Garcia, Reporter

A dance hosted by City High’s IJAG program that was meant to be held January 12th was put on hold. As it was the first big event the group has tried planning, many things went into consideration before ultimately deciding to postpone the dance.


“We had had several things that had happened with the scheduling of the dance,” Liz Mollet, co-teacher of IJAG, said. “[Being the program’s first major event], not knowing exactly how dances operate at this school, was something that was really difficult. There were things behind the scenes that we didn’t really know.”


Dances at City High are often planned months in advance and take many hands to plan out. IJAG, being a program that holds smaller events, didn’t know the protocols the district has in place to hold something as big of a scale as a dance.


“We didn’t know we had to schedule a certain amount of chaperones for a certain amount of students,” Mollet said. “Chaperones have to be school staff and get paid [for chaperoning] by the district, meaning that the district had to know about the dance too.  So with all those loose ends, we really didn’t think that [the dance] would be a good experience if we didn’t take more time to plan.”

New dates for the dance will be decided within the next few weeks.


“We haven’t had a chance to talk about [the new date for the dance] yet but we hope to talk all together soon so that we can have it planned out well.” Mollet explains.  “I would say somewhere around early April.”