Change to 5.0

City High to move to 5.0 grading scale starting in the 2019-20 years

On January 14, 2018, principal John Bacon announced in an email that starting next year, and every year afterwards, a 5.0 grading scale will be used in the Iowa City Community School District instead of the previous 4.0 system for calculating grade point averages. Under this system an AP or honors class will be worth more than non-AP or honors classes when determining GPA.

“In surveying Iowa Colleges and Universities, it was determined that all of them offer scholarships and tuition reductions based on the incoming GPA of the students they enroll,” said Bacon in an email. “Furthermore, when determining financial awards, more than half of them do not take into account that not all high schools have weighted grades. ICCSD students are being materially disadvantaged by not weighting grades.”

Though this was the first reason stated for the change in grading, Bacon focused not only on the impact after high school, but as well wanted to change what classes people took while at City High.

“It is the goal of the ICCSD that all students challenge themselves with the most rigorous coursework that they are capable of taking. Some students are put off from taking honors and AP classes in an effort to maintain a higher GPA,” said Bacon. “By giving an additional point for the GPA multiplier, students would not have to be concerned that a more rigorous class would negatively affect their GPA.”

Bacon as well stated that they will not change past years to reflect this change. Only future years will have this change applied, meaning previous years will still be reflected on a 4.0 GPA scale.