SEIBA Honor Band Postponed


LH Staff

Art by Estie Dillard.

Lindy Rublaitus, A&E Editor

At 3:00 on Friday, January 18th, the entire band department received an email from band director Myron McReynolds that said SEIBA (Southeast Iowa Bandmasters Association) honor band had been postponed from January 19th to February 13th due to snow. With a winter storm warning in effect with a forecast of four to eight inches, the trip for students around Southeast Iowa has been deemed unsafe.

“This has never happened out of all the years I’ve done SEIBA,” Grace Parrott ‘20, five-time SEIBA honor band participant, said. “There’s usually a decent amount of snow on the ground this time of year but the roads are always clear. I know people have to come from farther away than I do so I understand why a big snowfall like this would cause them to have to postpone it.”

Eight band students, including Parrott, were selected to participate in SEIBA honor band which, this year, will take place at West High. Ana Koch ‘21 and Kolbe Schnoebelen ‘20 both were accepted to SEIBA jazz band as well.

“I was expecting this to happen because our band directors mentioned it could be a big possibility. I was kind of disappointed because it would be nice to get the SEIBA day done before jazz competitions start in February,” Parrott said.