Three City Speech Groups Make All-State

Carly Weigel, Reporter

On Saturday, February 2nd, three speech groups from City High made All-State at the speech state competition at Kennedy High in Cedar Rapids.

The groups nominated were two 10-minute acting ensembles, Controlling Interest [Anna Gayley ’22, Charles Faden ’22, Egan Smith ’21, Shoshanna Hemley ’21, Timmer Penny ’19, Samba Traore ’19] and Here Do Evil Things Betide [Reese Hill ’20, Tommy Brands ’19], and one five-minute group improvisation [Shoshanna Hemley ’21, Aidan Smith ’19, Virginia Muturi ’19].

Although the groups are all nominated as non-performing, they will receive the same honor as those who are performing this weekend.

I feel like we really pulled it together,” Reese Hill ’20 said. “I’m really proud that our hard work paid off.”