Students tell The Little Hawk what they are excited for on Spanish trips


Millie Garcia

Students tell the the Little Hawk what they are excited for on Spanish trip.

Millie Garcia, Reporter

As the students in Spanish class get through the week before Spring Break by thinking about the relaxation about to take place on their days off, other Spanish students are discussing their excitement for the trips they are going on to Hispanic countries that were offered late last year.

Students going on the Spain trip leave for Madrid on Saturday, March 16 and return March 25. The trip is offered annually for Spanish (3 Honors or above) students during the second trimester. With jitters at an all time high for the flight across the Atlantic students embarking on the trip are excited about various things.

“I’m excited to try the food and learn about Spanish culture because it’s very different to life in Iowa so I think it’ll be a great experience,” Valerie Gonzalez ‘20, a student going on the Spain trip said.

This year is the first year that a trip to Costa Rica is being offered. These students leave the 16 and return the 25 as well.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the nature. I’m excited to swim and have it be warm outside,” Emma Nugent ‘21, a student going to Costa Rica, said.

As it is both these student’s first time flying overseas, both are looking forward to the new experiences they’ll have.

“I’m excited to meet my host family because [going to Costa Rica] will definitely help me develop my Spanish skills more. It’s a really awesome opportunity!” Nugent said.

From meeting new people to trying new foods, these trips are opportunities to see what Hispanic countries have to enjoy and experience.

“The first thing I’m going to do [when I get to Spain] is take a picture of the architecture, then I’m going to find a place that sells churros so I can eat some!” Gonzalez said.