Select Women’s Choir’s Woman of the Week

Amelia Prybil 17 performs a special act at the winter show choir show

Amelia Prybil ’17 performs a special act at the winter show choir show

Kate Kueter, Reporter

The women of City High have an opportunity to audition for the extracurricular Select Women’s Choir.

Select Women’s Choir consists of girls grades 9 through 12 that show an advanced knowledge of musical skills. Every week, the leaders of Select Women’s pick one outstanding girl as the Woman of the Week.

This week’s woman is Megan Bywater ‘19. SWE (Select Women’s Ensemble) master, Lillian Prybil ‘19, chooses the outstanding women.

“Being Woman of the Week is a form of recognition for someone who has been showing up to rehearsal and putting in their time,” Prybil said.

Following that, Prybil mentions that Bywater works hard in class and has been contributing to the group for all most of her high school career.

“I picked Megan because she’s wonderful, she’s consistently there. And I think this is her fourth year in the group if I’m not mistaken,” Prybil said. “She always has a very positive attitude and very hardworking and has a great spirit.”

This is not Megan’s first time winning Woman of the Week. When she first won she felt excited and was surprised to hear that she had won, this year was a similar experience.

“It feels really good. Especially being a senior because it shows that I am a leader. And people notice that,” Bywater said. “And so that’s really nice to be recognized for leadership.”

Bywater thinks that Woman of the Week is not only about showing up for rehearsal and putting in the work but also being a role model for the other girls.

“It means that you have that, that somebody has displayed, not just good character but leadership and have gone out of their way to do nice things for people,” said Bywater.