Student Senate Recap: Prom Escalates Quickly


Olivia Lusala

Invested in the workings of City High’s very own bureaucracy? You’ve come to the right place.

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Web & Copy Editor

The student senate meeting on Wednesday, March 27, began with President Lottie Gidal ’19 showing off the newly printed prom posters. Faculty Adviser Judith Dickson presented on the decor for prom.

“Number one, I don’t care for…the ticket tables [being] just bare cardboard. I really like [a floor] runner, with the ‘Star Wars’ words on it…we could make something like that,” Dickson said. “If we spend $800 on decorations, we’re probably just fine. I think [cardboard cutouts] are key.”

The senate concurred on the necessity of the cardboard cutouts.

“We really need…Dark [Darth Vader],” Gidal said. “Also, the gold robot that’s really annoying [C3PO] and the smaller robot [R2D2].”

Dickson and the senate continued to discuss decoration options, like hanging stars and balloons.

“The balloons are a dollar, but we would need at least sixty of them, and with the national helium shortage, we’re not sure about that,” Dickson said. “Have you ever hauled balloons? It’s a freakin’ nightmare. Hauling balloons is problematic.”

The senate also continued to decide on food options; lightsaber cupcake picks and star-shaped bowls were two of the items under consideration. Treasurer Rachael Volkman ’19 presented on the senate budget.

“I just summarized our general [financial] info. After both of our dances, we’re standing at about $10,000. Adding in the junior fund, that is $22,000. Two years ago, we made about $7,000 from prom. What we need to start for next year is about $15,000, in order to fund homecoming and prom successfully, so we can spend about $14,000,” Volkman said. “With that $900 [from grants] we’re down to about $13,100. We have $4,374 left after current prom expenses. Max for decorations is $1,000.”

The senate discussed the few free tickets that Principal Bacon often gives out to students who would like to go to prom but cannot buy them.

“About five years ago, student senate created this principal’s fund: there’s things that the administration just knows about, and we said, ‘Here’s this money. Do what you need to help out kids,'” Faculty Adviser Steve Tygrett said. “If you want to give Mr. Bacon 50 tickets and tell him to give them as he will, we won’t be at a loss.”

The senate meets every Wednesday at 8:10 in Room 3311. To learn more, attend meetings, which are open to all students, or contact Steve Tygrett, the primary faculty adviser.