Film Festival Results and Reactions


Sophie Trom

Yasar excepting People’s Choice Award

Sophie Trom and Esti Brady

Film Fest was May 17th, and many students felt it was one of the best film fests in a long time. This years film submission had a variety of different genres, including comedy, horror, and action.

“This was by far the best film fest within the last four years.” said Daphne Knoop ‘20, one of the film fest judges. “We got a bunch of really good films that people put a lot of time into.”

A Noobs Journey, produced by Kelby Anderson, Oisin Leopold, and Thomas Mcmillan was the winning film this year. Many students felt this was a well deserved win for producers of the film.

“ They did a really nice job of cutting things out, and it looked very put together and everything flowed really nice.” Knoop ‘20 said.

The People’s Choice award went to a comedy, The Build Up created by Yasar Hassan.

“The build up was creative with all the puns.” said Muriel Brown ‘20. “and it was really funny how they made it so the audience could interpret what was happening instead of showing it.”

Film Fest gives students an opportunity to share their filming, acting, and editing skills. There are no creative boundaries when it comes to students submitting films.

“I love seeing everyones secret skills of making videos, I too, am a video creator.” Everly Everdeen ‘20 said. “It’s really cool seeing others share my same hobby and appreciate films as much as I do.”

Art Club was very happy with the result of Film Fest this year, and hopes  next years’ Film Fest will be just as creative and fun.