Auditions for A Christmas Carol Approaching


Reese Hill

The hallway next to Opstad’s “vom” entrance.

Reese Hill, Reporter

City High’s 2019 play is the well-known classic “A Christmas Carol.” Unlike years in the past, this production will be performed in early December instead of mid-fall, and will be directed by iJAG teacher and drama department leader Lauren Darby.

“I’m really excited about some of the choices the creative team is making in putting this together, which is going to allow us to do some really cool things with puppets and effects,” Darby said. “I’m really excited about getting to realize some dreams that I’ve had for theater for a very long time and putting together a fun experience for students… It is an ensemble show – there is really only one fixed role – and as a result, people should be prepared to do a lot of work as an ensemble member.”

Auditions for “A Christmas Carol” will be held September 16 & 17 in room #1513 from 4:15-5:30.  Students of any grade, gender, and level of experience are eligible to try out. Darby especially encourages anybody with unique skills to audition.

“I’m hoping we’ll be able to draw in people with a diverse array of talents,” Darby said. “We’re going to need puppeteers, dancers, musicians, [and] singers in order to put this production together.”

Those considering auditioning are invited to attend the interest meeting after school on September 10 in room #151o. There, students will receive information about how to audition, including materials to practice and forms to fill out. These forms will also be available on the days of auditioning.

Students who would like to be involved in ways alternative to performing can attend the tech crew interest meeting on September 25 at 4:10 in room #1513.

“Even if you haven’t ever auditioned for a play before, if you have an interest in doing any one of those different parts, we need all of that together,” Darby said. “We’re eager to learn from each other.”