Dance Marathon Has High Hopes for the New School Year

Alice Boerner, Reporter

For nearly seven years, students at City High have been working as a part of University of Iowa Dance Marathon, otherwise known as UIDM. Every year at City, the club holds fundraisers and creates T-Shirts. All the money they make goes to UIDM. 

“The money is used to find treatments for cancer,” said Ms. Suchomel, Dance Marathon Advisor, “But it’s also used to help families of young kids that are in the hospital for a long period of time, with living arrangements or other things they need.”

Each year, City High Dance Marathon puts together a mini dance marathon, where they raise the majority of their money. In the 2018-19 school year, the club raised $4,000. This year, they’re hoping to increase that number and get new people involved in the organization. 

“It’s a great opportunity and we’re going to really try to have some fun events this year to raise money,” said Suchomel. 

“I was very inspired by what Dance Marathon does,” says Layna Manjoine ‘20, one of the club presidents. “You see the people and the faces, and they tell stories about how they changed, how Dance Marathon has changed them, and how it’s helped them through their journey of having pediatric cancer.” 

The Dance Marathon leaders are planning a lot of new changes for this year and they’re hoping to make even more of a difference in peoples’ lives.

 “I just have a strong passion for helping others, and especially young kids with cancer,” said Suchomel. “My daughter was in the hospital after she had surgery. Next to us in the room was a little boy just under one, and he had cancer…it was very eye opening.” 

In the coming weeks Dance Marathon plans to finalize events for the coming year, and decide what direction they’d like to go in. The club meets every Tuesday and Friday at 8:15 am in room 3107, and they welcome any new members who would like to be involved.