Is the PSAT for me?

Information about the PSAT.

Victoria Weckmann, Editor

One of the academic options available for sophomores and juniors through City High is a test called the PSAT.

“The PSAT is a pre-SAT, a pretest or sample of the SAT test,” said Susan Stecker, a registrar for the guidance office. “Juniors take it primarily because if their test scores are in a certain range, it allows them to be candidates for National Merit Scholarship.”

There are also reasons why underclassman may take the PSAT.

“Sophomores take it just so that they understand what it’s like. So when they are juniors, they have a little bit of a better chance,” said Stecker.

For those who may be interested in taking the test on October 16, or in the future, it’s not too late.

“There’s still time. It cost either 20 dollars cash or check, and you’re given a practice

guide to prepare,” Stecker said.