“I Stand Here Today for the People”: Senator Kamala Harris Speaks at Carver-Hawkeye Arena

Shoshie Hemley, Opinion Editor

Every few minutes, more chairs would be added to the audience watching Senator Kamala Harris speak as more and more viewers trickled in to watch the Californian senator. Harris spoke about many topics relevant to the 2020 election, such as medicare for all, immigration, impeachment, and more before turning the floor over to the crowd to ask questions.

“The microphone in the hands of the president is one of the most powerful tools,” Harris said when talking about President Trump and impeachment.

Harris spoke out strongly against President Trump.

“Justice is on the ballot when we have a criminal in the White House,” Harris stated.

Harris criticized the President’s behavior, stating, “True strength is not measured by who you beat down, but by who you lift up.”

A young girl asked Harris about dealing with hate and negative comments. Harris replied stating, “You never have to ask someone permission to lead,” earning applause from the audience.

Harris was also asked about immigration. She then proceeded to tell her experience with visiting a private detention center, saying she would shut down such facilities on “day one.”

Harris also explained her stance on gun control, stating that if congress didn’t pass a bill within the first 100 days, she would sign an executive order.

Harris and other presidential candidates will continue to visit Iowa City as the caucus nears.

“We must be prepared to write the next chapter,” Harris said.

On November 1st, the Liberty and Justice Celebration will take place, with most of the candidates attending. It will be the last large gathering of all the Democratic candidates before the caucus in February.