Premier League: Who To Watch Week 2


Isaac Bullwinkle

Predictions for this weekend by Isaac Bullwinkle.

Isaac Bullwinkle, Reporter

I’m back with the Premier League predictions! Last week I went 2-1, so not bad. Nevertheless, I was way off with the Liverpool-Aston Villa game. While I thought it would be a blowout, it was actually a pretty good game, ending in Liverpool winning 2-1. However, let’s not get off-topic. Here are my predictions for the most entertaining games in the Premier League this weekend.

Leicester City vs. Arsenal

Leicester City 1-1 Arsenal


This game should be pretty even. Both teams are incredibly consistent and should continue this trend, ending in a draw. Regardless of this, I wouldn’t recommend this game if you don’t appreciate soccer’s intricacies. Both teams will attempt to win the possession game, tiring their opponents and capitalizing. While this is attractive soccer for some, it could seem boring and unwatchable for others. If you do watch this game, I believe Jamie Vardy will score once again for Leicester and Nicolas Pepe will score for Arsenal. I love watching Pepe play, and I think he has great potential in the game going forward. 

Manchester United vs Brighton

Manchester United 2-0 Brighton


I was very impressed by Marcus Rashford’s free kick against Chelsea and I think that United have a lot of potential. Despite being thrown under the bus for the past couple of years, they have shown resilience in tough times.  They have many exciting players who just have failed to adapt to the styles of coaches and teammates. I believe now is when they will finally get the breakthrough they’ve been looking for, and I want to watch them every step of the way. As for Brighton, they bear an unexciting playing style and will fall to United easily. 

Liverpool vs. Manchester City

Liverpool 2-1 Manchester City


This will by far be the best game this week. The top two teams in the Premier League are finally facing off, and it’s very hard to predict the outcome. Nevertheless, I believe Liverpool will pull off the win, thanks to their incredible chemistry and their dominant coach (you could say the same thing about City). However, City have shown weakness, losing to Wolverhampton 2-0 because they were unable to convert. But with superstar Kevin De Bruyne, the strikers of City will have the best service provided in all of the Premier League. Soccer fan or not, you should watch this game because it will be one of the best games all season. 


Let’s hope I can pull off the clean 3-0 this week, and as always, I’ll see you next week. 


All-Time Record: 2-1