Student Senate Recap: Clubs to Receive Grants and Commons Update


Olivia Lusala

Invested in the workings of City High’s very own bureaucracy? You’ve come to the right place.

Shoshie Hemley, Opinion Editor

The first student senate meeting of 2020 started off with a discussion of club grants. The senate looked at and discussed a series of club grant applications from eight different clubs and activities at City. The maximum amount of money able to be granted to each club is $500, with the overall budget for this round of grants being $2,000. The different clubs requested these grants for various needs such as supplies, projects, travel, and entry fees. 

“The entire student senate considered all of the club grant applications very carefully. I think generally the club grants are important and because student senate generates enough money to support other organizations,” Marshall “Chip” Hardesty, a sponsor of the student senate, said. “We are able to relieve other groups from having to sell cookies and all the other stuff to try and raise money.”

The senate will in the end allocate a certain amount of money to each club that requested a grant. 

“I always love giving out club grants, because it’s one of the best things student senate can do to ensure our school community is a healthy ecosystem and is well sustained from the ground up,” Mira Bohannan Kumar ‘20, the student senate president, said. 

Club grants will be decided at next week’s meeting after considering last meeting’s discussion. 

The last part of the agenda discussed was a possible renovation for the commons. Hardesty discussed concerns regarding the noise levels and activities that take place in the library during lunch and common open hours. A discussion ensued deciding what to do to make the commons a more comfortable student environment, in order to make the library a more studious and quiet setting. Suggestions of rugs, lamps, vending machines, and microwaves were all some of the ideas brought up to make the commons more attractive to students. One of the issues presented is that any additions to the commons must be mobile and impermanent. Further discussion will continue at future meetings regarding the matter. 

“I think there are a lot of different perspectives going on; it’s important to consider all of them because there are a lot of different stakeholders. It’s important to find a solution that can benefit students, administrators, and librarians,” Bohannan Kumar said. 

Student senate meetings are open to anyone and are every Wednesday morning at 8:15 am in Mrs. Gibbens room.