Seniors Start Petition Against Recent Parking Change

Sydney Fellows 20 signs the petition against the parking change

Rhys Holman

Sydney Fellows ’20 signs the petition against the parking change

Seniors at City High have begun a petition against the recent rule City High has proposed, which would require senior students to pay $20 for a sticker which would allow them to park in the upper lot without being ticketed.

“I thought that charging us seemed unjust,” said Mia Cacho ’20, one of the people who started the petition. “I started the petition because I thought it was unfair for us seniors who have waited so long for priority over the upper lot [to have to pay].”

This sentiment is shared by multiple seniors who signed the petition against the parking change.

“I’m very unhappy. I don’t have very much money and twenty dollars is a lot,” said Kelby Anderson ’20, one of the people who signed the petition. “Honestly, I think it’s fine how it is now. You just need to find a place to park.”

Students are particularly concerned about the payment requirement for parking.

“I signed the petition because I think that 20 dollars is a lot for parking your car every day,” said Sydney Fellows ’20. “There’s better ways to make the system fair than people paying money. Not everyone has 20 dollars to throw away for parking in the upper lot.”