Interact Club Plans Matchomatics to Raise Money for Charity


Paris Fuller, News Editor

This week’s Interact club meeting was canceled due to the climate survey being taken during advisory. But with both Valentine’s day and winter formal coming up members still planned Matchomatics and future volunteering plans.

The matchmaker survey or “matchomatics” survey as it’s known was sent through student emails by Mr.Bacon. Once students opened the email, they were given a link to a form of questions like ‘What do you look for in a friend?’ or ‘What hair colors do you look for on people?’

“I think this[matchomatics survey] is a fun way to raise money for charity and a lot of people like it,” Shelby Caldwell ‘21 said.

The surveys were recorded from February 5th through the 7th and printouts with the results will be available from February 10th through the 11th for $3.The money will go to a charity picked by the Interact club later this week.

“I think a lot more people are doing the survey this year and it should be fun seeing the results. I think the more people that take it, the better the results will be,” Caldwell said.