Welp, Hernandez, and Bullwinkles Lead the Cutest Couple Contest

Paris Fuller, News Editor

City High’s cutest couple contest has yet again hit social media, this time on Instagram. The rules are simple: must be two humans, has to have at least one student or employee, and the couples must submit their photos through Instagram or email. 

Megan Fields ‘21 entered the contest with her boyfriend Adam Holmes ‘21.

“I wanted to join because I just think Adam and I are a good couple and I thought, ‘We deserve a nice dinner,’” Fields said.

The contest received more than 70 entries through email and Instagram, according to Victoria Weckmann ‘21, who runs the contest.

“I think people are more interested because we have much better prizes this year,” said Weckmann.

Fields said that  an advertisement on Instagram encouraged her to enter the contest. 

“I’m following the Insta Little Hawk and I saw it on there. I entered as soon as I saw it,” said Fields.

The top three winners win a $50 gift card to their choice of Basta, Orchard Green, or Big Grove.

“I like gift cards. I think it’s a fun prize,” said Fields.

This year the entries are split up into three categories: friends, staff, and couples. The most liked photo from each category will win.

“Due to an influx of entries, it just didn’t make much sense for us to only have one category for everybody. So we decided to sort them into three categories, and that way each category will get one gift card,” said Weckmann. 

The contest ends on Valentine’s Day at noon, when the top-liked photo from each category will win.